Gen. Michael Flynn

25th United States National Security Advisor

John Henley and his family served our great nation with distinction for over 28 years in the United States Air Force and in his final assignment, helped the Trump Administration draft the legislative proposal which created the United States Space Force.

He retired from the Air Force in 2019, but once again is called upon to stand up for our founding principles and to fight for American core values. Make no mistake, our country is facing a myriad of threats to our very existence, whether it is from a wide-open southern border to a near-peer China threat, to a resurgent Russia.

John has the character, integrity, and national security experience and expertise to lead our nation in troubled times.

I know John as a man of integrity and fierce faith in God and country. He is the right leader at the right time in our history and will be a powerful voice for conservative values. I am extremely honored to endorse John Henley as your next Congressman from Virginia’s 10th Congressional District!